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Last updated: 2022-09-25

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What is the purpose of this site?

From the front page:

This is a website dedicated to methods of decentralized publishing on the web.

Originally it was meant to just be a long list of darkweb addresses, and then I decided it would be more helpful to, instead of just aping the Hidden Wiki and other link dumps, to actually explain in normie-friendly terms what each network does.

So what exactly are the standards for adding a site to one of your lists?

The site cannot contain or be meant for any of the following:

Judgement is entirely at my discretion. I feel these standards are reasonable, and I am not willing to debate them.

Why don't you accept outside contributions?

Lokinet devs keep spamming my email demanding I replace whatever SVG/PNG I'm using to represent the network at the time with a blurry-ass JPEG, which I think is extremely unprofessional on their part. Also I don't like being told what to do, much less by strangers on the Internet.

I tried to visit this site, and I got redirected to a WEBM of a dancing anime girl / a website that tried to crash my computer?

Your referer matched a string in my list of sites of people who've been shitty to me in the past. I do not wish to associate with them further, and I think making it harder for them to use my name / work to make them look intelligent or "in the know" about technology is hilarious.

Hey, I think you're tracking me!

Newsflash: I've been tracking you the whole damn time!

Previously I just manually browsed through the Caddy access logs for this site and deleted each one after I was done looking at it. Mainly I wanted to see referers [sic] and user-agents / IP addresses of bots and crawlers and other abusive traffic to block. As of August 2022 this site uses a self-hosted GoatCounter instance on select pages. I still get to see referers, and now I also get a cute little graph showing traffic spikes. All data is still kept on the same server I'm hosting this site from, just like always.

Wahhh! I don't like being tracked!

What's with the color scheme of the site? / Can you please change the color scheme to something else? It hurts my eyes.

It's the lesbian flag. I intended it as a subtle "fuck off" to the growing demographic of homophobic Christians who keep linking to my site thinking I made it for them. Unfortunately it seems to have not worked, so I've had to take more, ah, drastic measures to keep the wrong sorts of people from trying to associate with me...

Are you a TERF?

No. I have many sympathies with the tenets of radical feminism, but I don't identify myself under any ideological label because I like the freedom to disagree with things without violating some "party line". Also I don't like having beliefs dictated to me.

Do you hate trans people?

(long sigh) Again, no. I don't think hormones should be given to minors. But I think people should have full bodily autonomy over themselves once they hit 18. Ultimately I don't care what you do with your body as long as it doesn't infringe on my sex-based rights as a female.

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