List of known I2P sites

Being listed on this page does not imply I necessarily endorse any of the ideas these pages may put forth. Proceed at your own risk.

Checking is now (most) every week in order not to disadvantage servers that go down for maintenance at the beginning of each month (which was the original check interval). It is week number in the Discordian calendar, which this site now uses. (Hooray! A more frequent check interval! And less JavaScript!)

Pastebins and file hosting

site title last week checked
PrivateBin 3187-W35
TMPSend 3187-W35
CHUDO 3187-W35

Search engines

site title last week checked Has it indexed Let's Decentralize?
Ransack 3187-W35 yes
Legwork 3187-W35 yes

Personal sites

site title last week checked
qorg11 3187-W35
Dark Like My Soul 3187-W34
Alex Pehotin 3187-W35
Run Javascript Client Code on the I2P Network without Risking Anonymity 3187-W35
Nikki Lydeen 3187-W35
idk 3187-W35
Little Big T 3187-W35
coldhell 3187-W35
Pablo Rauzy 3187-W35
anongw 3187-W35
Jake's Thoughts 3187-W35
kill-9 3187-W35
Spyware Watchdog 3187-W35
heligoland 3187-W35
Lithium 3187-W35
Spenser Truex 3187-W35
Uncle Podger 3187-W35
E8 3187-W34
Oleg Girko 3187-W34
cathugger 3187-W35
Unlimited World 3187-W35
wowaname 3187-W35
turtle 3187-W35
DVTT 3187-W35
marusu's hole I run this

Social networks and forums

site title type last week checked
I2P team chat chat 3187-W34
Hidden Answers social media 3187-W35
FSociety ??? 3187-W35
Neodome Usenet Server misc 3187-W35
I2P support forum forum 3187-W35


site title last week checked
Kelvinchan 3187-W35


site title last week checked
eanlib 3187-W35
The Free Book Library 3187-W35
Lainzine 3187-W34
Dark Music 3187-W35
Arch Linux 3187-W35


site title category last week checked
I2P stats misc 3187-W35
The Invisible Internet Outproxy outproxy 3187-W35
diva misc 3187-W35
eepstatus directory 3187-W35
Freedom repositories git 3187-W35
git.repo.i2p git 3187-W35
qorg git git 3187-W35 misc 3187-W35
Kiwix Server wiki 3187-W35
Acetone misc 3187-W35
User-agent checker utility 3187-W32
I2P Project misc 3187-W35
Is it up? utility 3187-W35
I2P Bugtracker misc 3187-W35
EasyGPG software 3187-W35
FXRuby software 3187-W35
The Tin Hat news 3187-W34
Black misc 3187-W35
Invidious utility 3187-W34
BORAN email 3187-W35
Let's Decentralize misc I run this

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