List of known I2P sites

This list purposely excludes: A) child pornography, B) markets (which are almost certainly scams), and C) interactive sites with little to no moderation or with a high concentration of unpleasant users. Judgement about what falls under these rules is completely arbitrary and at the webmaster's (my) discretion. You are free to make and maintain your own list with your own rules if you do not agree to this curation.

Being listed on this page does not imply I necessarily endorse any of the ideas these pages may put forth. Proceed at your own risk.

Checking is now (most) every week in order not to disadvantage servers that go down for maintenance at the beginning of each month (which was the original check interval). It is week number .

Pastebins and file hosting

site title last week checked
Rowan's Uploads I run this
PrivateBin 2022-W33
Pipe 2022-W33
TMPSend 2022-W33
CAKE.I2P 2022-W33
sharefile 2022-W33

Search engines

site title last week checked Has it indexed Let's Decentralize?
Ransack 2022-W33 yes
TORCH 2022-W33 no
Raklet 2022-W33 no


site title last week checked Last active
MayVaneDay I run this 2022 August 2022-W33 2022 August
Little Big T 2022-W33 2019 November
Ben Tasker 2022-W33 2022 July
Torque 2022-W33 2022 May

Personal sites

site title last week checked
Dead End Shrine Online I run this
Lucas's I2P Site 2022-W33
Executing Reality 2022-W33
AGentooCat 2022-W33
idk 2022-W33
opal hart / wowaname 2022-W33
coldhell 2022-W33
Freefallheavens 2022-W33
Fabrice 2022-W33
Uncle Podger 2022-W33 2022-W33
Run Javascript Client Code on the I2P Network without Risking Anonymity 2022-W33 2022-W33
Oleg Girko 2022-W33
TomasGl node 2022-W33
The Geek Code 2022-W33
Dark Like My Soul 2022-W33
E8 2022-W33
Silent Whisper 2022-W32

Social networks and forums

site title type last week checked
I2P support forum forum 2022-W32
discuss.i2p forum 2022-W33
Dread Reddit-like 2022-W33
Shadow Forums forum 2022-W33


site title last week checked
Kelvinchan 2022-W33


site title last week checked
Dark Music 2022-W33
Free Book Library 2022-W33
HardenedBSD 2022-W33
Arav's Files 2022-W33


site title last week checked description
Incogsnoo 2022-W33 Reddit proxy
Incogtube 2022-W33 YouTube proxy
Is it up? 2022-W33 uptime checker
IPFS Gateway I run this IPFS proxy


site title category last week checked
I2P stats misc 2022-W33
diva misc 2022-W33
Yggdrasil software 2022-W33
eepstatus directory 2022-W33
Front Line Defenders organization 2022-W33
NO TO CHINA misc 2022-W33
security in-a-box misc 2022-W33
Darknetlive news 2022-W33
Krebs on Security news 2022-W33
Acetone misc 2022-W33
bellingcat news 2022-W33
sus misc 2022-W33
I2P Project misc 2022-W33
EasyGPG software 2022-W33
Judicial review misc 2022-W33
Repositories git 2022-W33
Arav's Dwelling git 2022-W33
Community git git 2022-W33
Deavmi's Git git 2022-W33
index.cgi chat 2022-W33
InfoCon Archives misc 2022-W32
Let's Decentralize misc I run this

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