List of known Tor sites

This list purposely excludes: A) child pornography, B) markets (which are almost certainly scams), and C) interactive sites with little to no moderation or with a high concentration of unpleasant users. Judgement about what falls under these rules is completely arbitrary and at the webmaster's (my) judgement. You are free to make and maintain your own list with your own rules if you do not agree to this curation.

Being listed on this page does not imply I necessarily endorse any of the ideas these pages may put forth. Proceed at your own risk.

Checking is now (most) every week in order not to disadvantage servers that go down for maintenance at the beginning of each month (which was the original check interval). It is week number in the Discordian calendar, which this site now uses. (Hooray! A more frequent check interval! And less JavaScript!)

Pastebins and file hosting

site title last week checked I run this
BlackCloud 3187-W68
0xPaste 3187-W68
privfiles 3187-W67

Search engines

site title last week checked Has it indexed Let's Decentralize?
TORCH 3187-W68 no
Oni Search 3187-W68 no
Hoodle 3187-W68 yes
Raklet 3187-W68 no
The Deep Searches 3187-W68 yes
Demon Search Engine 3187-W67 no
Sentor 3187-W67 yes
Tor66 3187-W68 yes
OnionLand Search 3187-W68 yes
Excavator 3187-W68 yes
Phobos 3187-W68 yes


site title last week checked Last active Renders properly in Kristall?
marusu's hole I run this 2021 February Yes
MayVaneDay I run this 2021 November Yes
qorg11 3187-W68 2021 November Yes
lilibyte 3187-W68 2021 December Yes
Darkweb Blog 3187-W68 2018 September Yes
Parckwart's Website 3187-W68 2017 October Yes
getimiskon's space 3187-W68/td> 2021 July Yes
Jake's Thoughts 3187-W68 2021 November Yes
ic3 3187-W68 2021 October Yes
Alden Page 3187-W68 2020 September Yes
Marty McGuire 3187-W68 2021 November Yes
S-Config 3187-W68 2021 November Yes
Coarse Enigma 3187-W68 2020 December Yes
Matt Traudt 3187-W68 2021 May Yes
Go Beyond 3187-W68 2021 October Yes
0ut3r Space 3187-W68 2021 November Yes 3187-W68 2020 December Yes
Hidden Corner 3187-W67 2021 November No

Personal sites

site title last week checked
Daniel 3187-W68 Yes
kill-9 3187-W68 Yes
Pysa 3187-W68 Yes
part deleted 3187-W68 Yes
Iván Ávalos 3187-W68 Yes
GNU Systems 3187-W68 Yes
Dead End Shrine Online I run this Yes

Social networks and forums

site title type last week checked
Dread Reddit-like 3187-W68
THE END chat 3187-W65
Ramble Reddit-like 3187-W68
Ableonion - Random Chat chat 3187-W68
TruthBoard forum 3187-W68


site title last week checked Renders properly in Kristall?
Imperial Library of Trantor 3187-W68 Yes
Whonix 3187-W68 Yes
The Swiss Bay 3187-W68 Yes
Qubes OS 3187-W68 Yes
Comic Book Library 3187-W68 Yes


site title last week checked
BitVPS 3187-W68
Kaizushi's Little Onion Server 3187-W68
Ablative Hosting 3187-W68


site title last week checked
Hidden Wiki 3187-W68 Yes 3187-W68 Yes


site title category last week checked
Time To Confess 2.0 misc 3187-W68
TorWhois utility 3187-W68
Riseup Pad utility 3187-W68
Invidious utility 3187-W68
Riseup misc 3187-W68
0xacab git 3187-W68
Google Feud gaming 3187-W68
Simple bookmarks utility 3187-W68
EludeMail email 3187-W68
Darknetlive news 3187-W68 misc 3187-W68
Black Hat Chat chat 3187-W68
Nitter utility 3187-W68 misc 3187-W68 misc 3187-W68
ProPublica news 3187-W68
cryptostorm vpn 3187-W68
CTemplar email 3187-W68
Tor Relays misc 3187-W68
DNMX email 3187-W68
Mailing List Mirrors misc 3187-W68
Free Software Foundation Europe misc 3187-W68
HackThisSite misc 3187-W68
Let's Decentralize misc I run this

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