List of known Tor sites

This list purposely excludes: A) child pornography, B) markets (which are almost certainly scams), and C) interactive sites with little to no moderation or with a high concentration of unpleasant users. Judgement about what falls under these rules is completely arbitrary and at the webmaster's (my) discretion. You are free to make and maintain your own list with your own rules if you do not agree to this curation.

Being listed on this page does not imply I necessarily endorse any of the ideas these pages may put forth. Proceed at your own risk.

Checking is now (most) every week in order not to disadvantage servers that go down for maintenance at the beginning of each month (which was the original check interval). It is week number .

File hosting

Some of the sites listed in this table may also provide pastebins.

site title last week checked Maximum file life
Lianna's Uploads I run this 24 hours
Rowan's Uploads I run this 24 hours 2022-W20 12 hours
Sluggers Image Hosting 2022-W20 no time limit
Shitty Copy / NormalFiles 2022-W20 ???
imgOnion 2022-W20
HDDoro 2022-W20 no time limit
simply 2022-W20 no time limit
imghost 2022-W19 no time limit
FileBox 2022-W20 2022-W20
Darkhost 2022-W20
CryptBB 2022-W20
MEGA Tor 2022-W20
BlackCloud 2022-W20
Tofu 2022-W17


site title last week checked
0xPaste 2022-W20
Pasta 2022-W20
nojsbin 2022-W20
PrivateBin 2022-W20
PasteBox 2022-W20
DarkBin 2022-W20
Etherpad 2022-W20
Stronghold Paste 2022-W20
Systemli Paste 2022-W20
BlackHost Pastebin 2022-W20
DeepPaste 2022-W20
DeepPaste V3 2022-W19
CryptTor 2022-W20
V3 Paste 2022-W20

Searx instances

site title last week checked
w5rl 6wsd 7mzj 4bdk buqvzide t5os dsm5jhg2 f7nv fida kfq5 exda 5wid 2022-W20
Searx 1 2022-W20
Searx 2 2022-W20
Searx 3 2022-W20 2022-W20
xkek 2022-W20
bissiX 2022-W20
Snopyta 2022-W20
Anton Kling's searx instance 2022-W20
northboot 2022-W20

Search engines (open index)

You don't need an account or email address to add links to these indexes.

site title last week checked Has it indexed Dead End Shrine Online?
Kraken 2022-W20 yes
Ahmia 2022-W20 yes
VormWeb 2022-W20 yes
Excavator 2022-W20 yes
OnionLand Search 2022-W20 yes
Tor Google 2022-W20 yes
Venus 2022-W20 yes
Sentor 2022-W20 yes
Deep Search 2022-W20 yes
Bobby 2022-W20 yes
Tor66 2022-W20 no
FindTor 2022-W20 no
TorLanD 2022-W20 no
GoDeep 2022-W20 no
The Onions Bag 2022-W20 no
Hoodle 2022-W20 no

Search engines (closed index)

These either require you to email the webmaster to add links or provide no machanism for submitting sites at all.

site title last week checked Has it indexed Dead End Shrine Online?
Tor Search Engine 2022-W20 no
DANEX 2022-W20 no
The Deep Searches 2022-W20 yes
Torch 2022-W19 yes
Phobos 2022-W20 yes
haystak 2022-W20 no
Zoozle 2022-W20 no
Find Your Onion 2022-W20 ?
Onion Search Engine 2022-W20 no
Not Evil 2022-W20 no
Demon Search Engine 2022-W19 no
TorDex 2022-W20 yes
I2P Search 2022-W20 yes
Third 666 eye 2022-W19 no
TORCH 2022-W20 no
Tor Search 2022-W20 no
Raklet 2022-W20 yes


site title last week checked last active
MayVaneDay I run this 2022 May
Tor Blog 2022-W20 2022 May
Rustic Cyberpunk 2022-W20 2022 May
The Gonzo Diaries 2022-W20 2022 April 2022-W20 2022 April
The Hidden Irony 2022-W20 2021 June 2022-W20 2022 March
Seirdy 2022-W20 2022 February
lilibyte 2022-W20 2022 March
Theundercoverman 2022-W19 2022 April
Jake's Thoughts 2022-W20 2022 February
rtyler 2022-W20 2022 April
Natural News 2022-W20 2022 May
Matt Traudt 2022-W20 2021 October
Memoirs of a Holocough Survivor 2022-W20 2022 February
0ut3r Space 2022-W20 2022 May
Hidden Corner 2022-W20 2022 March
Oklomsy 2022-W20 2022 April
Exploring the Great Reset 2022-W20 2021 August
Quantum 2022-W20 2022 May
Ctrl 2022-W20 2022 May
Ben Tasker Snippets 2022-W20 2022 April
Ben Tasker 2022-W20 2022 May
SerHack 2022-W20 2021 October
pseudorandom 2022-W20 2021 September
Michael Altfield 2022-W20 2021 November

Blogs (Dormant)

These haven't updated in over a year.

site title last week checked last active
Phpizza 2022-W20 2020 April
Kay on Crypto 2022-W20 2021 March
Darkweb Blog 2022-W20 2018 September
Parckwart's Website 2022-W20 2017 October
Alden Page 2022-W20 2020 September
Coarse Enigma 2022-W20 2020 December
Hi 2022-W20 2018 January 2022-W18 2020 December

Personal sites

site title last week checked
Daniel 2022-W20
Space Website 1996 2022-W20
S-Config 2022-W20
VosNear 2022-W19
Techno-Agorist 2022-W20
Executing Reality 2022-W20
Uncle Podger 2022-W20
B Tasker Photography 2022-W20
Tom's Webpage 2022-W20
Saturnette 2022-W20
oneflux 2022-W20
sizeof 2022-W20
Taz's Gacha 2022-W20
ASHAD201X 2022-W20
Eracs web 2022-W20
Dig Deeper 2022-W20
Nip Coyote's Den 2022-W19
EndWare 2022-W20
owledge 2022-W20 2022-W20
Frank The Snake 2022-W20
Spyware Watchdog 2022-W20
Liberty Witch 2022-W20
Mad4MiracleMaxManifesto 2022-W20
Kevin Hicks 2022-W20
Klown's Circus 2022-W20
ra's space 2022-W20
Chaox 2022-W20
Heidenwut [CAUTION] 2022-W20
part deleted 2022-W19
Leonhard A. Weese 2022-W20
Iván Ávalos 2022-W20
GNU Systems 2022-W20
Lari Varjonen 2022-W20
No Tone 2022-W20
Sonic the Hedgehog! 2022-W20
Tor Project Is NSA 2022-W19
Dead End Shrine Online I run this


site title last week checked
Simple PHP Angular Ajax Chat 2022-W20
Mattermost 2022-W20
Kiwi IRC 2022-W20
THE END 2022-W20
MEGA Tor 2022-W20
Converse.js 2022-W20
Element 2022-W20
JitJat 2022-W20
ADAMANT 2022-W20
RPChat 2022-W20
Black Hat Chat 2022-W20
CGI:IRC 2022-W17
Ableonion - Random Chat 2022-W20

Social networks and forums

site title type last week checked
Dread Reddit-like 2022-W20
Twitter microblogging 2022-W20
Ramble Reddit-like 2022-W20
Monero Punks Collective forum 2022-W20
Kiwi Farms forum 2022-W20
Raddle Reddit-like 2022-W20
Shadow Forums forum 2022-W20
Misskey microblogging 2022-W20


site title last week checked
Imperial Library of Trantor 2022-W20
Furry Comic Book Scans 2022-W20
The Pogchampest Directory Tree Known to Man 2022-W20
TorrentGalaxy 2022-W20
The Library of Thoughtcrime 2022-W20
Whonix 2022-W20
LibreServer 2022-W20
Qubes OS 2022-W20
Comic Book Library 2022-W20
Tails 2022-W20
HardenedBSD 2022-W20
Debian 2022-W20


site title last week checked
SporeStack 2022-W20 2022-W20
host4coins 2022-W20
CryptoServers 2022-W20
BitVPS 2022-W20
Kaizushi's Little Onion Server 2022-W20
Ablative Hosting 2022-W20
Web Hosting 2022-W20
Privex 2022-W20


site title last week checked
Onion Mail 2022-W20
T-Mail 2022-W20
panz mail 2022-W20
EludeMail 2022-W20
SecTor.City 2022-W20
DNMX 2022-W20
ProtonMail 2022-W20
ASAPmail 2022-W20
Alt Address 2022-W20
Anonymous Email 2022-W20
Mail2Tor 2022-W20 2022-W20
TorBox 2022-W20

OnionMail instances

site title last week checked
secretmail 2022-W20
winston 2022-W20
syqqe 2022-W20
walajo 2022-W20
dozaru 2022-W20
adunanza 2022-W20
nitega 2022-W20
xyrasoru 2022-W20
ecwoequ 2022-W20
tymeioigi 2022-W20
disobey 2022-W20
anon02 2022-W20


site title last week checked
Psychonaut Wiki 2022-W19
Shadow Wiki 2022-W20
Debian System Administrators 2022-W20


site title last week checked
The Intercept 2022-W20
DarkDotCamp 2022-W20
NO TO CHINA 2022-W20
The Dark Web Journal 2022-W20
Darknetlive 2022-W20
ProPublica 2022-W20
The New York Times 2022-W20
Tape 2022-W20


site title last week checked
Riseup 2022-W20
Free Software Foundation Europe 2022-W20
Riverside Rocks 2022-W20
Don't Hate The Media 2022-W20
Parltrack 2022-W20
Front Line Defenders 2022-W20 2022-W20 2022-W20
DEFCON 2022-W20
PoPETs 2022-W20
Freedom of the Press Foundation 2022-W20
Tech Learning Collective 2022-W20
DisupTor 2022-W20


site title last week checked description
TorWhois 2022-W20 shows server headers
Browser info 2022-W20 shows browser headers
nuudel 2022-W20 online poll maker
Kleanr 2022-W20 metadata scrubber
Riseup Pad 2022-W20 collaborative documents
systemli pad 2022-W20 collaborative documents
CodiMD 2022-W20 collaborative documents
Invidious 1 2022-W20 YouTube proxy
Invidious 2 2022-W20 YouTube proxy
RSS-Bridge 2022-W20 RSS feed generator
Simple bookmarks 2022-W20 bookmark manager
My Onion Bookmarks 2022-W20 bookmark manager
libreddit 2022-W20 Reddit proxy
CyberChef 2022-W20 ???
Nitter 1 2022-W20 Twitter proxy
Nitter 2 2022-W20 Twitter proxy
Nitter 3 2022-W20 Twitter proxy
Nitter 4 2022-W20 Twitter proxy
rimgo 2022-W20 imgur proxy 2022-W20 web archival
Universal Encoding Tool 2022-W20 encodes text
IPFS Gateway 1 I run this IPFS proxy
IPFS Gateway 2 I run this IPFS proxy
SimplyTranslate 1 2022-W20 text translation
SimplyTranslate 2 2022-W20 text translation
Librarian 2022-W20 LBRY proxy
Correct Horse Battery Staple 2022-W20 password generator


site title last week checked
Mental Hub (Pedo Self-Help) 2022-W20
6 2022-W19
GeoCities Archive 2022-W20
Stem 2022-W20
Tor Project Support 2022-W20
Light a virtual candle 2022-W18
0xacab 2022-W20
Google Feud 2022-W20
EndlessServer / Travian 2022-W20
magma 2022-W20
FeedBack 2022-W20
Tor Metrics 2022-W20
Debian Package Tracker 2022-W20
Debian Backports 2022-W20 2022-W20
Welcome to Jabber 2022-W20
Blockchair 2022-W20
The Free Haven Project 2022-W20
SHREDD Cloud Storage 2022-W20
Tor Network Status 2022-W20
Cyberia 2022-W20
Offensive Privacy 2022-W20
cryptostorm 2022-W20
UWL Repository 2022-W20
HackThisSite 2022-W20
Tor Relays 2022-W20
JavaScript Web Terminal 2022-W20
Free Ross 2022-W19
Consensus health 2022-W20
Basic Linux Commands 2022-W20
descontrol 2022-W20
ToS;DR 2022-W20
Nyx 2022-W20
Wizardry and Steamworks 2022-W20
Privacy International 2022-W20
BusKill 2022-W19
Judicial review 2022-W20
Bitcoin Private Key Finder 2022-W20
Let's Decentralize I run this

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