List of known Tor sites

This list purposely excludes: A) child pornography, B) markets (which are almost certainly scams), and C) interactive sites with little to no moderation or with a high concentration of unpleasant users. Judgement about what falls under these rules is completely arbitrary and at the webmaster's (my) discretion. You are free to make and maintain your own list with your own rules if you do not agree to this curation.

Being listed on this page does not imply I necessarily endorse any of the ideas these pages may put forth. Proceed at your own risk.

Checking is now (most) every week in order not to disadvantage servers that go down for maintenance at the beginning of each month (which was the original check interval). It is week number .

File hosting

Some of the sites listed in this table may also provide pastebins.

site title last week checked Maximum file life
tempsend 2023-W14 1 year
BlackCloud 2023-W14 unlimited?
snivyhost 2023-W14 unlimited? 2023-W14 ???
Anonymous Pictures 2023-W11 1 year


site title last week checked
0xPaste 2023-W14
Boxes 2023-W14
BBW paste 2023-W14
Pasta 2023-W14
PrivateBin 2023-W14
PasteBox 2023-W14
Stronghold Paste 2023-W14
Systemli Paste 2023-W14
V3 Paste 2023-W14
CryptoPaste 2023-W14
Pasthis 2023-W14
vitali64 paste 2023-W12

Searx instances

site title last week checked
List of Searx instances on the clearnet and Tor 2023-W14 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
w5rl 6wsd 7mzj 4bdk buqvzide t5os dsm5jhg2 f7nv fida kfq5 exda 5wid 2023-W14
searxice 2023-W14
f4qfqaj 2023-W14 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
xkek 2023-W14
jugemuSEARX 2023-W14
bissiX 2023-W14
northboot 2023-W14
SFNS Searx 2023-W14
Puffy Search 2023-W14
searxng 2023-W14
Sam's SearxNG 2023-W14
NicFab 2023-W14
privateoz 2023-W14
esmail5 2023-W14
0xGingi 2023-W14

LibreX instances

site title last week checked [VERIFIED] 2023-W12 2023-W14

Whoogle instances

site title last week checked
Whoogle 1 2023-W14 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
Whoogle 3 2023-W12

Search engines (open index)

You don't need an account or email address to add links to these indexes.

site title last week checked Has it indexed Dead End Shrine Online? Publically available contact email? Captcha?
Ahmia [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 yes yes no
Kraken 2023-W14 yes yes no
Amnesia 2023-W14 yes yes no
VormWeb 2023-W14 yes yes yes
Excavator 2023-W14 yes yes yes
OnionLand Search 2023-W14 yes yes no
Tor Google [IMPOSTOR] 2023-W14 yes yes yes
Venus 2023-W13 yes yes yes
Sentor 2023-W14 yes yes no
Bobby 2023-W14 yes yes no
Tor66 2023-W14 yes yes no
Stealth 2023-W14 yes yes no
Deep Search 2023-W14 yes no no
into the dark web 2023-W14 yes no no
Submarine 2023-W14 yes no yes
Hoodle 2023-W14 yes no yes
Infotiger 2023-W11 no yes no
TORMAX 2023-W14 yes yes no
Onion Index 2023-W14 no yes no
TorLanD 2023-W14 no yes no
GoDeep 2023-W14 no no yes

Search engines (closed index)

These either require you to email the webmaster to add links or provide no mechanism for submitting sites at all.

site title last week checked Has it indexed Dead End Shrine Online? Publically available contact email?
DuckDuckGo [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 yes yes
Hologram 2023-W14 yes yes
Raklet 2023-W11 yes yes
I2P Search 2023-W14 yes yes
Torch 2023-W14 yes no
Brave Search [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 yes no
The Deep Searches 2023-W14 yes no
Search Mate 2023-W13 yes no
Onion Search Engine 2023-W14 yes no
Tor Search 2023-W14 no yes
DarkSide 2023-W14 no yes
Demon Search Engine 2023-W14 no yes
DANEX 2023-W14 no no
haystak 2023-W14 no no
Zoozle 2023-W14 no no
EVO 2023-W14 no no
TORCH 2023-W14 no no

Hover over the banner to get the site title if you can't read it for whatever reason.

banner last week checked last active (if blog)
I run this N/A
I run this N/A
I run this 2023 March
2023-W14 2023 March
2023-W14 2023 March
2023-W14 2023 March
2023-W14 2023 January
2023-W14 2022 December
2023-W14 2022 September
2023-W11 2022 March
2023-W14 2022 February
2023-W14 N/A
2023-W14 N/A


site title last week checked last active 2023-W14 2023 March
Amazon Redshift Research Project 2023-W14 2023 March
Tor Blog [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 2023 March
Free Software Foundation Europe 2023-W14 2023 March
BC COUNTER-INFO 2023-W14 2023 March
The Gonzo Diaries 2023-W14 2023 March
Fonzi Vazquez 2023-W14 2023 March
Dan Ballard 2023-W14 2023 March
lost in static... 2023-W14 2023 March
Udonya-Blog 2023-W14 2023 March
7Games 2023-W11 2023 March
Natural News 2023-W14 2023 March
Kushal Das 2023-W14 2023 March
Hidden Wonders 2023-W14 2023 March
Ben Tasker 2023-W14 2023 March 2023-W14 2023 March
Tomas' place in cyberspace 2023-W14 2023 March
Vi Grey 2023-W14 2023 March
0ut3r Space 2023-W14 2023 March
Bits from Debian [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 2023 March 2023-W14 2023 March
0xB10C 2023-W14 2023 March 2023-W14 2023 March
Nick Frichette 2023-W14 2023 March
Ivy Fan-Chiang 2023-W14 2023 March
Colin Cogle 2023-W14 2023 February
Franco Masotti's technology blog 2023-W14 2023 February
vitali64 2023-W12 2023 February
Michael Altfield's Tech Blog 2023-W13 2023 February
fund my death 2023-W14 2023 January
Mammatus - Principles for Life 2023-W14 2023 January
Alekos Filini 2023-W14 2023 January
Quantum 2023-W14 2023 January
BurnyLlama's Blog 2023-W13 2022 December
Joseph Duffy 2023-W14 2022 December
Seirdy 2023-W14 2022 December
tweedge 2023-W14 2022 December
Rustic Cyberpunk 2023-W14 2022 December
Ben Tasker Snippets 2023-W14 2022 December
Nikotile 2023-W14 2022 December
APT 96 2023-W13 2023 January
Feeding the Cloud 2023-W14 2023 January
Matt Traudt 2023-W14 2022 November
mirk0dex 2023-W14 2022 October
Julien Lepiller 2023-W14 2022 October
kaizenrelays 2023-W14 2022 October
CypherShellSec 2023-W11 2022 August
Matt Fong 2023-W14 2022 April
Sven Eckelmann's notes 2023-W14 2022 August
Jake's Thoughts 2023-W14 2022 July
gotpcrel 2023-W14 2022 May
Shen's Essays 2023-W14 2022 June
LittlJack 2023-W14 2022 October
Ben Stokman 2023-W14 2022 October
Jake Jarvis 2023-W14 2022 April

Blogs (Dormant)

These haven't updated in over a year.

site title last week checked last active
SerHack 2023-W14 2022 March 2023-W14 2022 February
Phpizza 2023-W13 2020 April 2023-W14 2021 October
Etam Software 2023-W14 2021 September
TheSilentLink 2023-W14 2021 August
Joseph Nuthalapati 2023-W14 2020 September 2023-W13 2021 August
Abdullah Sultan 2023-W14 2021 August
fqcor 2023-W14 2021 October
Starcom Electronics 2023-W14 2021 October
owledge 2023-W14 2018 April
Alden Page 2023-W14 2020 September
Alexander Faeroy 2023-W14 2020 May 2023-W14 2022 November
Hi 2023-W14 2018 January 2023-W14 2018 September

Personal sites (A-G)

This list is getting too damn long.

site title last week checked
araneoj 2023-W14
arrrr 2023-W14
Arikado 2023-W14
Alex Xu 2023-W14
ASHAD201X 2023-W14
Antimattercloud 2023-W14 2023-W14
BarryServer 2023-W14
B Tasker Photography 2023-W14 2023-W14
Charles Berret 2023-W14
cyber@sysrq 2023-W14
Daniel 2023-W14
Dr. Timo Schrader 2023-W14
Davis Stanko 2023-W14
Dagan Martinez 2023-W14
Dyoxin's Hub 2023-W14
Divested Computing 2023-W14
Dig Deeper 2023-W14
dade 2023-W14
EndWare 2023-W14 2023-W14
Floshow 2023-W14
Frank The Snake 2023-W14
Foot Modeling 2023-W14
GNU Systems 2023-W14
Gabe Rocks! 2023-W14

Personal sites (H-M)

site title last week checked
Hello 2023-W14
It's Chris Approved 2023-W14
Iván Ávalos 2023-W14
Joshua-Server 2023-W14 2023-W14
KAUotic Hacking Club 2023-W14
Kevin Hicks 2023-W14
Laurens Sion 2023-W14
lightwo 2023-W14 2023-W14
Leonhard A. Weese 2023-W14
My Personal Journal 2023-W14
Max's Webpage 2023-W14
Matthew Finkel 2023-W14
Michael Blizek 2023-W14
Miletić 2023-W14
Mad4MiracleMaxManifesto 2023-W14

Personal sites (N-Z)

site title last week checked
NotPike 2023-W14 2023-W14
No Tone 2023-W14
nihilist 2023-W14 2023-W14
0xGingi 2023-W14
PrivacyDev 2023-W14
Praxis Films 2023-W14
part deleted 2023-W14
Parckwart's Website 2023-W14
Reimar 2023-W14
RPi Zero Tor Hidden Service Project 2023-W11
Space Website 1996 2023-W14
Sebsite 2023-W14 2023-W14
Samuel Wiatrzyk 2023-W14
Sonic the Hedgehog! 2023-W14
Sacred Ground 2023-W14
sapphire 2023-W14
SCUM Manifesto I run this
Tomkoid 2023-W14 2023-W14
Uncle Podger 2023-W14
Victor Eriksson 2023-W14
viral32111 2023-W14


site title last week checked
Simple PHP Angular Ajax Chat 2023-W13 2023-W14
Web IRC 2023-W14
Converse.js 2023-W14
JitJat 2023-W14
HasMatrixMe? 2023-W14
Cute World 2023-W14
CryptoNeko 2023-W14
ADAMANT 2023-W14
Black Hat Chat 2023-W14
0Chat 2023-W13
Ableonion - Random Chat 2023-W14
NULL Message 2023-W14
OnionChat 2023-W14

Social networks and forums

site title type last week checked
Dread Reddit-like 2023-W12
Reddit [VERIFIED] literally Reddit 2023-W14
Ramble [VERIFIED] Reddit-like 2023-W14
Raddle Reddit-like 2023-W14
stacker news Reddit-like 2023-W14
Mitra microblogging 2023-W14
Kiwi Farms [VERIFIED] forum 2023-W14
rocksolid forum 2023-W14
SuprBay forum 2023-W13
Shadow Forums forum 2023-W14
Northern California Ford Owners forum 2023-W14 imageboard 2023-W13
Misskey microblogging 2023-W14 videos 2023-W14
PermaLife TV videos 2023-W14


site title last week checked
CastGarden 2023-W14
Opt Out Podcast 2023-W14
Techno-Agorist 2023-W14


site title last week checked
Debian [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
Whonix [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
LibreServer [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
Qubes OS [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
The Anarchist Library [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
Comic Book Library 2023-W14
Tails 2023-W14
Archiv 2023-W12
calibre Library 2023-W14


site title last week checked Free or paid?
Evil.Site [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 free [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 free
NiceVPS [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 paid
Ablative Hosting [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
SporeStack 2023-W14
AnonBlogs 2023-W14 free
host4coins 2023-W14 paid
Ukrainian Data Network 2023-W14 paid
lifehost360 2023-W14 paid
CryptoServers 2023-W14
The Bird Nest 2023-W14
Remote Linux servers Support 2023-W14
Web Hosting 2023-W14 paid
Privex 2023-W14 paid
Swire 2023-W14 paid


site title last week checked
ProtonMail [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
Alt Address [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 2023-W14
Onion Mail 2023-W14 2023-W14
SecTor.City 2023-W14
DNMX 2023-W14
Anonymous Email 2023-W14
Mail2Tor 2023-W14

OnionMail instances

site title last week checked
secretmail 2023-W12
mes3hacklab 2023-W14
winston 2023-W14
syqqe 2023-W12
dozaru 2023-W12
adunanza 2023-W14
nitega 2023-W14
xyrasoru 2023-W12
ecwoequ 2023-W14
tymeioigi 2023-W12
anon02 2023-W12
ihp 2023-W14
vzoc4ay 2023-W14
ridot 2023-W14
unknown 2023-W14
rocpiiz 2023-W14
qqbbs 2023-W14
walajo 2023-W12


site title last week checked
Psychonaut Wiki 2023-W14
Distributed Denial of Secrets 2023-W14
Shadow Wiki 2023-W14
Debian System Administrators 2023-W14
Oil and Fish 2023-W14
Email Self-Defense 2023-W14
Normal Security 2023-W14
Bitmessage Wiki 2023-W14
dwww: 2023-W14
OnionShare's documentation 2023-W14


site title last week checked
BBC News [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
The Guardian [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
ProPublica [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
The New York Times [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
Radio Free Asia [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
Voice Of America 2023-W14
The Dark Web Journal 2023-W14
DarkNetPedia 2023-W14
Tape 2023-W14
DW 2023-W14
Free Belarus Now 2023-W13
Ukrainews 2023-W14


site title last week checked
Riseup 2023-W14
CrySP 2023-W14 2023-W13 2023-W14
negative zero 2023-W14
Icarus Project 2023-W14
Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task Force 2023-W14
DW Learn German 2023-W14 2023-W14
Parltrack 2023-W14
Front Line Defenders 2023-W14 2023-W14
DEF CON 2023-W14
DGPLUG Summer Training 2023-W14 2023-W14
PoPETs 2023-W14
Freedom of the Press Foundation 2023-W14
Tech Learning Collective [CAUTION] 2023-W11
DisrupTor 2023-W14
Meru University 2023-W14

Nitter instances

These are proxies for Twitter.

site title last week checked [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 2023-W14 2023-W14
nitter7 2023-W14
vfaomgh 2023-W14 2023-W14 2023-W11 2023-W13
Twitscher 2023-W14
esmail5 2023-W14
nitterq 2023-W14 2023-W14 2023-W14
4g47cxu 2023-W14
~vern 2023-W12
rettiwT 2023-W14
pjsfkvp 2023-W14
Nitter NicFab 2023-W14
r2eqimh 2023-W14

Invidious instances

These are proxies for YouTube.

site title last week checked [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14 [VERIFIED] 2023-W11 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
3nzoldn 2023-W13
invio2y 2023-W14
qwikxxt 2023-W13 2023-W13
kbjggqk 2023-W14

Libreddit instances

These are proxies for Reddit.

site title last week checked [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
spjmlla 2023-W13
reddit7z 2023-W14
ecue64y 2023-W14
vernccv 2023-W12
lbrdtja 2023-W14
kphht2j 2023-W14
qwikxx4 2023-W13 2023-W11

Teddit instances

These are (also) proxies for Reddit.

site title last week checked 2023-W14 2023-W14 2023-W13
vernccv 2023-W12
ibarajz 2023-W14

Wikiless instances

These are proxies for Wikipedia.

site title last week checked [VERIFIED] 2023-W14
vernccv 2023-W12
esmail5 2023-W14
c2pesew 2023-W14
tdx37ew 2023-W14

ProxiTok instances

These are proxies for TikTok.

site title last week checked
ProxiTok 1 2023-W14
ProxiTok 2 2023-W14
ProxiTok 3 2023-W12
ProxiTok 4 2023-W12 [VERIFIED] 2023-W14


site title last week checked description
TheDoubleR 2023-W14 rickroll creator
RSS-Bridge 2023-W14 RSS generation
Dumb 2023-W14 Genius proxy
BiblioReads 1 2023-W12 Goodreads proxy
BiblioReads 2 2023-W14 Goodreads proxy
hckrnws 2023-W12 Hacker News proxy
Suds 2023-W12 Snopes proxy
AnonymousOverflow 1 2023-W14 StackOverflow proxy
AnonymousOverflow 2 2023-W12 StackOverflow proxy
AnonymousOverflow 3 2023-W14 StackOverflow proxy
TorWhois 2023-W13 shows server headers
Browser info 2023-W14 shows browser headers
nuudel 2023-W13 online poll maker
Kleanr 2023-W13 metadata scrubber
Riseup Pad 2023-W13 collaborative documents
systemli pad 2023-W13 collaborative documents
CodiMD 2023-W13 collaborative documents 2023-W13 collaborative documents
Sigsum pads 2023-W13 collaborative documents
IncogTube 2023-W13 YouTube proxy [VERIFIED] 2023-W12 YouTube proxy
libremdb 1 2023-W12 IMDb proxy
libremdb 2 2023-W13 IMDb proxy
Quetre 1 2023-W12 Quora proxy
Quetre 2 2023-W13 Quora proxy
Quetre 3 2023-W11 Quora proxy [VERIFIED] 2023-W12 Quora proxy
SimpleAmazon 1 2023-W12 Amazon search results proxy
SimpleAmazon 2 2023-W13 Amazon search results proxy
Simple bookmarks 2023-W13 bookmark manager
My Onion Bookmarks 2023-W13 bookmark manager
Bibliogram 2023-W13 Instagram proxy 2023-W13 web archival
Universal Encoding Tool 2023-W13 encodes text [VERIFIED] 2023-W13 text translation
SimplyTranslate 1 2023-W13 text translation
SimplyTranslate 2 2023-W10 text translation
SimplyTranslate 3 2023-W13 text translation
LibreTranslate 2023-W13 text translation
Bitwarden 2023-W13 password manager [VERIFIED] 2023-W13 LBRY proxy
Librarian 1 2023-W13 LBRY proxy
Librarian 2 2023-W13 LBRY proxy
Librarian 3 2023-W10 LBRY proxy
Librarian 4 2023-W13 LBRY proxy [VERIFIED] 2023-W13 imgur proxy
rimgo 1 2023-W13 imgur proxy
rimgo 2 2023-W13 imgur proxy
rimgo 3 2023-W10 imgur proxy
rimgo 4 2023-W13 imgur proxy
rimgo 5 2023-W13 imgur proxy
Scribe 1 2023-W13 Medium proxy [VERIFIED] 2023-W13 Medium proxy
Scribe 3 2023-W13 Medium proxy
LibMedium 2023-W10 Medium proxy
Correct Horse Battery Staple 2023-W13 password generator
PasswordFox 2023-W12 password generator 2023-W13 mailing lists


site title last week checked
F-Droid [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Stem [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
I2P+ [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Kicksecure [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Tako 2023-W13
CoyIM 2023-W13
Nyx 2023-W13
Mamushi-droid 2023-W12
Crabgrass 2023-W13
svtplay-dl 2023-W13
DivestOS Mobile 2023-W13
Alpine Repo 2023-W13
cryo file manager 2023-W13
offline os 2023-W13
Start9 2023-W13

Crypto Bullshit

Added by (un)popular demand. I'm not responsible if you get scammed by anything listed here.

site title last week checked
Blockchair 2023-W13
Moneroj 2023-W13
Decred Block Explorer 2023-W13
MoneRoar 2023-W13 2023-W13
Feather 2023-W13
Monero Observer 2023-W13
Fork Monitor 2023-W13 2023-W13


site title last week checked
Tor Project Support [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Tor Project status [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Debian Package Tracker [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Debian Backports [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Lintian Reports [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Njalla [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Debian Manpages [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Bridges for Tor [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Consensus health [VERIFIED] 2023-W13
Mental Hub (Pedo Self-Help) 2023-W13 2023-W13
0xacab 2023-W13
magma 2023-W13
FeedBack 2023-W13
Tor Metrics 2023-W13 2023-W13 2023-W13
RelateList 2023-W13
MNOwatch 2023-W13
Join Jabber 2023-W13
The Free Haven Project 2023-W13
SHREDD Cloud Storage 2023-W13
Tor Network Status 2023-W13
Cyberia 2023-W13
Offensive Privacy 2023-W13
History 2023-W13
TOSBack 2023-W13
cryptostorm 2023-W13
AirVPN 2023-W13
Mullvad 2023-W13
First VPN Service 2023-W13
UWL Repository 2023-W10
HackThisSite 2023-W13
Debian Project Timeline 2023-W13
Tor Relays 2023-W13
Basic Linux Commands 2023-W13
ToS;DR 2023-W13
Reproducible Build Manager 2023-W13
Wizardry and Steamworks 2023-W13
BusKill 2023-W13

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