List of known Yggdrasil sites

Being listed on this page does not imply I necessarily endorse any of the ideas these pages may put forth. Proceed at your own risk.

Checking is now (most) every week in order not to disadvantage servers that go down for maintenance at the beginning of each month (which was the original check interval). It is week number in the Discordian calendar, which this site now uses. (Hooray! A more frequent check interval! And less JavaScript!)

Search engines

site title last week checked Has it indexed Let's Decentralize?
Yacy 3187-W35 no

Personal sites

site title last week checked
cathugger 3187-W35
qorg11 3187-W35
Nikki Lydeen 3187-W35
MayVaneDay I run this


site title category last week checked
Let's Decentralize misc I run this

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